• Alex Roe

Snack Shack

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

A food selling business I co-founded with 3 friends after I got hungry one day and starved myself instead of walking 15mins to the shops.

15mins is Alot of Effort

The closer people get to deadlines the more desperate they are for that time to last longer without interruption by nagging things like food and sleep.

Falmouth university has an issue though, there is no food on sale past 16:00 on campus, meaning you needed to walk 30mis to the shops and back, a long time to be away from work and to get interrupted by distractions.

So I grabbed 3 friends and got to work on coming up with a solution.

The Brilliant Morons I Ended up Grabbing

3 other adverting third years, all interested in fixing this problem and earning lots of money in the process.

We all had our own talents that helped to shape our business over the course the 5 months we built/ tested/ destroyed and created our business.

Most said phrases:

Moron #1 - Me = "Bugger, not again!"

Moron #2 - Nick = "I'm just here for the good times"

Moron #3 - Charlie = "Bananas"

Moron #4 - Chloe = "I just need to make it through the day"

How Did We Start?

I won't bore you with all the nitty gritty details as they would take longer than anyone has to hear them all.

Instead, here's what happed up to our first sale.

Includes: Idea generation, testing the idea with questionnaires and interviews (many many times), doing taste testing for results on what recipes where good and what needed altering and finally praying to all the 7 gods for some good luck selling.

Our First Sale

We started by sell directly to people. We got some trays, made a very rough way to carry the panini around and went off to find students in need of food.

On our first sale we made £37 with £7.56 profit

We tested alot of assumptions, and came out with ALOT of feedback and alterations we needed to do.


- A new vegan panini (to the hatred of Nick).

- A smaller menu (dropped form 7 to 4).

- And the realisation that selling direct to the customer was super invasive and not appreciated.

- We also started to give 10% of our profits to 'Mind', making the brand into a more of a do good one.

We handed all the leftovers to homeless people in Falmouth after.

The paninis we sold where:

1. Meatballs (The Midnight Meatball)

2. Breakfast one (24/7 Bweckfast)

3. Itallian (The Godfather)

4. Sloppy Joe (Sloppy Student)

5. BLT style thing (5 Layered Monster)

6. Veg One (Rabbit Food) (we forgot to take a pic).

7. Chocolate & Marshmallow (The Messy Muppet)

(The pics are in order)

Second Selling

After this we didn't want to sell directly to people, so we just moved a load of things around in the uni and made our own little area to sell.

I also designed some loyalty cards and posters to help advertises.

We made £21.98 profit

We also sold out of the Midnight Meatball and almost all of the others too.

The Final One

This was the last sale we made, although we only managed to sell 3 times before we all finished Uni we loved all of it from the catastrophic failures to people asking when we where selling next weeks later.

Over the 3 sales we made a total, £119.60 with an average sale of £39.86.

I have kept this as short and sweet as I can, however if you would like to hear about the whole story feel free to message me for a cider and a chat.