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Logo Design for a Pet Sitting Business

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

A local pet sitting business approached me and asked me to create a new logo for her company.

N.J Best Cornish Pet Sitting

This business was owned and run by one woman and aimed to help people with any pet sitting needs. Whether you have a dog that needs to be looked after while you go on holiday, or a Persian cat that you can't take with you on a mission to kill Austen Powers.

She was looking for a new design that would help her to stand out amongst her competition and make her look a bit more professional. I was slightly nervous about this as it was the first thing I had to do for anyone in relation to freelance design.

Rough is Better

The brief:

- Make it: Professional / Simple/ Have her name (initials) and what the business was within it/ Make sure it can be used on a variety of things from E-mails to business cards

I started by making some very simple scamps that she felt that she could easily say she didn't like or what she thought could be better as it's alot harder to say "No thats really not me" if you know the other person has been working for days on a design.

(This are just a few of the scamps that I created (More detailed ones where created later))

Her feedback told me she was after a simple design (similar to the one in the centre of the gallery above). After figuring out what she was after I sent her a few other, more detailed designs with slight differences on each one to find out exactly what she wanted.

To Colour or Not to Colour? That Is The Question

Now I knew she wanted this design the next question was how to colour it, or not to.

  1. The first one is the most professional.

  2. The second is almost entirely coloured, with only the name in white to take your attention straight to that.

  3. The final one is just full colour in case she wanted something for merchandise or business cards to grab peoples attention.

The one that she liked the most was the first image of just back and grey and I agree, it was the one I thought suited her best as well.

Final Result

The Final Result

I sent her the logo that she used as her main business logo for a while, until she stopped pet sitting and moved onto other professions she was interested in.

After finishing my first contract with a happy client, I got a taste for logo design and helping people to advertise their business, this then turned into a love (and sometimes hate) of advertising.

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