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Logo Design for a Half Blind Ad Maker

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

This is my logo, the hardest to make, because I had no idea what I wanted. None at all.

Me, Myself and I

Unlike the other logos I've made I didn't have anyone screaming at me me what they thought would be good for them. I just had me, and I had no clue.

I Want it All!

The brief that I was set:

- Make it: Professional / Simple/ Cool/ Exciting/ Informative/ Edgy/ Personal/ Interactive/ Bright/ Black and White/ Big/ Small/ Include my name/ Include my website/ Be about advertising/ Works on business cards/ Works on stickers/ Works on own

So as you may have guessed I wanted everything, just like every other client out there.

This then leads to some abysmal ideas and some others that were even worse. But it also leads to some that may be able to get me somewhere (shown below).

I decided I wanted: Simple / Include my name and how I am a hybrid creative.


Now I was aware of what I was thinking, I started to create.

I was wrong! I had a book crit shortly after this where I was told "I hate your logo, it's just terrible." Something tells me they weren't a fan.

After looking at it agin I completely agree, as when I look at it I see how horrific it really is.

Never mind, to live is to learn, time to start over!

"The Creative" - Is it Too Much?

I tried for a constant week to come up with something, but ended up with leaving myself 2 hours in the end to make a logo before a book crit. Not something I would recommend.

So what do you do in that time... you use your signature and a bit of photoshop!

What one do you think is better? or are they both horrific to you? Let me know.

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