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Icon Design for a Local School

Updated: May 9, 2019

I was asked to design an icon for a local school, to help the students relate and be proud to be a part of the higher years.

Cardinham School

Cardinham Pre-School

I was set this brief by one of the teacher's assistants at Cardinham School, in Bodmin moor (an old school I used to go to so I can understand why they are having problems).

The TA wanted an icon for the top class of her students, because due to a reconstruction of the classes she believed that an icon specifically for them would help to grab their attention, imagination and the respect of students in that class.

It was also to encourage team spirit and make it a place where people would look out for one another as they would all be part of one family. This is something I know I never felt while there, with my main memory being more about who could escape from the school the longest without the teachers knowing (mine was 47mins where I jumped the gate and hid around the side.

All the classrooms were based on animals, the top class that I was creating an icon for where called 'Fox Class' (years 4-6).

How The Hell Do You Make a Fox Cool and Cute!!

The brief that I was set:

- Make it: Professional / Simple/ Suitable for children ("Cute")/ Something the older children would love ("Cool")/ It also has to have no words and be based on a fox.

Although this brief was simple enough; for the most part, making something "Cute" and "Cool" is a pain as they are two opposing styles for most of the time.

I started by making some very simple scamps to get some idea of what she was after, whether it was a simple, minimalist design or a more detailed one.

(This are just a few of the scamps that I created (More detailed ones where created after but then this is more me))

From this, I found she was after a more minimalist style, similar to the image of the fox with simple lines (top right of the gallery above). She did, however, point out that she wanted to try one that was "With a bushy tail".

Cute, Cool and in Between

Now I knew what she was imaging (a bit better anyway) I was able to create some more detailed photoshopped versions for her to see and give me feedback on.

After I created the one that she said she wanted (the one in the centre of the gallery above), I also created an additional 2 others (that are either side) as at this point I have been in a load of situations where they thought they knew but after I presented an idea they said they wanted they suddenly thought it needed to be alot more of something else.

So I made one a bit more "Cute" and another that was a bit more "Cool", so that I wouldn't be utterly in the dark if she though "Narr, you know what let's do something completely different 🤔".

Thankfully though she loved the one in the middle saying she "Loves the movement" and only had one request "Could you do one that is a bit more kid-friendly?".

How It Went

The Final Result

So after a bit more research into foxes I did one of the cute/ stupid jumps they do in the snow to get rabbits she said that she "Loves it" and it was "Perfect".

I then sent the design off to her. Finishing my contract with a happy client and a better understanding of how to deal with customers and icon designs in the future.

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