People buying Fitbit and not continuing with it because they lose motivation in the first month



Donating to a charity can motivate people to walk/ exercise more


Walking can do more for the world with a new form of currency from Fitbit

Lost Motivation After a Few Days

Distraction is part of human nature so I am not the only one that stops exercising after a while, thousands of people start exercising and after a day, a week or a month just stop, as they lose all motivation for it. Even when you've bought all the equipment and tools to get into it.

 Get Out of That Rut 

One of the main reasons people get back into running is because of fun runs (personally I don't see how running can be 'fun' but whatever) and they do it for a charity, so they're running with purpose. 


Fitbit will therefore, have a new addition to there app where for every mile you walk/ run you earn a 'Walkbit'. This is a type of cryptocurrency that can be used on the app to help a charity of your choice, made via a donation from Fitbit. 


This will then help motivate people who have bought a product from Fitbit and lost motivation to continue. A big issue with there consumers.


Free The Bears
Water Drop
Book Donation

 Fame and Fortune for Them, Sweat and Tears for You

Influencers such as: @ty_haney /  @hannahbronfman and @akiniko who would use the app to donate to charities they like would kick start it.


Because if they can do it so can I!


Making them look more helpful to their world of fans and also promoting the launch of the product. 

 Save Humanity or Your Local Church 

Added to their current app and containing:

  • How many ‘WalkBits’ you have (both for this week and overall).


  • A share section.


  • News section for any charities being created/ in need of extra help/ etc, so you can donate to things going on in the world at that moment and feel like you’re helping them.


  • Also, has a quick donate button to make it easier (1 WalkBit auto donate for this).

 How Can This Go Further? 

This campaign was made as a student at Falmouth University

This will not be a one-week thing and (if received well) will be a permanent addition to the brand. As it gives free publicity for Fitbit, with people sharing how much they have helped a charity and also turns Fitbit into a brand for good, a big thing in the eyes of most consumers nowadays.