Take a Milk Moment to Relax 


The amount of people drinking milk has gone down with new alternatives available



Milk has a protein in it called Lactium, this protein helps reduce stress



Ger people to take a Milk Moment to Relax each day and reduce their stress levels before continuing there day

Milk Helps with Stress.

8 clinical trials have proven Lactium (a protein found in milk) has benefits with helping people de-stress. 

 Are you #Stressed? 

Have you ever been on social media and seen someone post how they are #Stressed? 


Well to all the people who do, they will get a response from @MilkMoments tailored to the post directing them to a social media page where they can get a coupon for a free carton of milk.



Responce to Stress.png

 Coupon?! Think more freebie 

This 'coupon' can be redeemed by anyone at any big supermarket. This is the thing that every element of the campaign aims to get people in London too.


There will also be posts on why milk is good for you (Lactium/ Calcium/ ect).

A bus that arrives on time is 1 in a million

5000 complaints are reported each year in relation to buses, causing a lot of stress for people in a rush. 


And who wouldn't be stressed about being late!

Your Not as Stressed as Me

People love to show off about how they are stressed; this gives them a reason and a reference for their level of stress.


Personally, I'd be more tempted to post if I was a lot more stressed than the top one.


Each will be a bit different as there are many people in London. E.g Trafalgar square will include more about tourists or losing your way in the crowd.

When the Stress Hits After too Much Suger and Sweets

When was the last time you sat in a waiting room at the doctors or dentist and thought 'I feel right at home here, what a lovely place to relax'?




Can't say I have either. 


 Trains are a Joy, Provided You Don't Need to be Somewhere on Time 

With over 36% of UK trains arriving later than they are meant to its commonplace to see people pacing around stations all over the UK.


When speed is key, cartons are delivered fast so that no matter if you are in a rush you can still get some milk to help relax you a bit before continuing to your next location.

 We've all have had a meeting where we got up to talk, and it went to S*** 

Dispensing free milk around Square Mile this will help to relive 'a bit' of that stress.

Source for information on Lactium

Website Homepage: https://www.lactium.com/

Lactium Effects Page: https://www.lactium.com/what-is-lactium/a-proven-effectiveness/

 This campaign was made as a student at Falmouth University