One Purpose




Lack of people buying One Water over others.

We’re more likely to donate to a person we know, rather than a corporation.

By creating the opportunity for One Water to become a fundraiser.

£20Mill by 2020

They set themselves a goal of making this much to help people in Africa get access to clean drinking water and over the years they have got to £15million. So One Water needed the last push.

Bottle - With Sticker.png

I Want To Feel Good Getting Water

Additions to the pack will have a sticker you can peel off and ware.


Events Near Me Page

It will include:

  • How much money has been raised.

  • Map of events across UK.

  • How much each county has raised.

Take Part Page

This is the main element of the campaign.

A page where you can join in by getting One water in bulk for your sale or event.

Your event could be: 

  •  A Table Top sales on sports days and at schools.

  •  Lessons using water as a form of entry to the events.

  •  And loads more creative personal things people will come up with.

In gallery to the right

Fundraising Packs

What else is included (other than One water):


  • A table cloth (shows to the right).

  • A banner showing how much has been raised (you can put your phone under to show live thousends figures).

  • Customisable posers for your event.

  • A leaflet on how to fundraise and a number to call for support.

Table Cloth - Top.png

Now You've Seen the Fundamental.

Hears how I will target people 

Print showing how close they are to their goal.


Placed in: Schools, church, community centre's, village halls, park.

5Million to go

Local Community Events

To spread the message and make it a community project One Water will have events selling One to get people involved with what we’re trying to do.

Created by One itself, located at local events it will hand out lanyards, to anyone that buys a bottle of One.


This will get people to start thinking of their own ideas for events, basing it of off this one.


Farmers Market SetUp.png

School Talks

Talks at schools.


Given lanyards and stickers to everyone.


Option to have a pack – sign up for it. And then get it delivered.

Social Media 

There Facebook/ Twitter and Instagram will be used for this campaign to raise awareness of the campaign.


The hashtag #OnePurpose will keep everything together and easy to find.

End Goal

A thank you gift will also be given out so people can remember the campaign.

This campaign was made for the D&AD New Blood Award  2019