A Snack Making Saviour Of Students




No food on sale past 15:00 at Woodlane campus. 

With deadlines coming closed people wanted to stay longer, creating the ultimatum of food or work. 

Create a snack company that would be able to sell food to students past 16:00 and keep them working later.

Before selling was months of work 


Me (BM 1), Nick Moore (BM2), Charlotte Testar (BM3) & Chloe Key (BM4). 

(BM = Brilliant Moron, the best way to describe us).


A brand that sells paninis to people at 15:00-17:00


Woodlane Campus


We where broke students that saw a gap in the market and wanted to make some money, as well as give something back. We gave all unsold paninis to the homeless in Falmouth and 10% of all profits to Mind.

Screenshot 2019-06-05 at 11.18.41.png

What's your study food?

For Falmouth it turns out most wanted Paninis, and who could blame them.

We didn't just pick paninis at random, we did interviews, questionnaires, surveys and lots more research for this nugget.

Snack Shack 4.jpg


 Midnight Meatball 

 24/7 Bweckfast 

 5 Layered Monster 

Luigi's Little Brother

 Sloppy Student 

 Messy Muppet 

How we got the word out

Social media was king but I also made some traditional media too.

Hardy Working?
In Need?
Hunger Strike?

Sell Sell SELL!

We sold in a load of different places from the direct to the people via trays with straps to inside the Creative Advertising studio. Here are a few.

Outside the Closed Cafe
Strapped Sales
Advertising Studio

 This business ended with the end of uni deadlines