Jaffa Fakes


McVities didn't trademark the name Jaffa Cake in 1927 so every own brand and imitation is able to use the name Jaffa Cake as well.



McVities are the original Jaffa Cakes


Create a campaign based around getting people to refer to other own brand and imitation Jaffa Cakes as a fake and a knock off

Not Every Jaffa Cake is a Jaffa Cake

"I prefer own label", this is something becoming more frequently herd at most supermarkets across the UK. Price, Quantity and something quality. Own brand is becoming the next big thing, an issue for most brands, especially one with a name that means nothing. 

 The War Against Imposters Has Started 

This new product package is the first strick against the own brands out there using the name Jaffa Cake without a second thought towards the original McVities. 

 A Sticker for Every Tom, Dick and Sally 

Inside the promotional box will be three stickers for everyone to use.

Influencers will be paid to post on their social media account using a #JaffaFake with the sticker.


One of these influencers will be: @danielhowell

Influencers to Become the First Commanders:

 #JaffaFake That! 

Whenever anyone uses the sticker on something with the hashtag they will get a free replacement so they don't have to put up with this horror of a fake.

Jaffa Cakes will also respond to what people are saying to boost the language.

 Jaffa Fakes Are Not The First To Copy 

Outside schools and bus stops where the sugar lovers gather will be these prints.

Thats So Jaffa Fake
Thats So Jaffa Fake
Thats So Jaffa Fake

 Disfigured is the New Look 

Turn a friend into a ‘Jaffa Fake’ and make them look even worse, destroy someones Instagram selfies by posting a pic of them looking like this or just see how bad you can look. ​

 3 People Need to Get Fired 

Instagram/ Facebook/ Twitter adverts targets where kids will see, so there is no escape or reason to not be able to call friends and family 'Jaffa Fake' when they copy anyone or anything.

Wax Sculpture of Mr Bean
Statue Cristiano Ronaldo
Tattoo of Elvis

 No Matter What, There Will be a Gif For it 

Gifs are one of the most used ways I talk to people.


Can't think what to say to a strange comment or question? there's a gif for that


Want to call someone an ass but don't want an ear full? theres a gif for that


Want to let someone know you thought up the idea first and they copied you? There's now many gifs for that.

This campaign was made as a student for my dissertation at Falmouth University