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Forget City Driving




Lots of tourists get in road accidents every year.

Tourists think they know the road.

Tell people the roads in Cornwall are different.

Over 40 million tourists came to Cornwall in 2018. Most of whom drive and have no idea how to on the country roads.

Over 40 million tourists came to Cornwall in 2018 and more are expected with each passing year.


Most of whom drive and have no idea how to on the country roads, adding to how 59% of all fatalities happen on country roads every year. 

Damn Tourists!!

Mysterious Like Cornwall

People come down to Cornwall for the mystery of the countryside, not to be told they will die if they try.

Placed in service stations all the way down to Cornwall, as well as throughout Cornish service stations.


These will be animated. 

Hidden Entrances
Roads that Bend
Blind Summits

40,000 vehicles use the Plymouth Tollbooth each day.

These will be animated. Showing the fairies & pixies flying around, the wind blowing through the trees and the scenery moving left. This will make the car look like its moving.


Pre- Planning 

& Advise

Anyone that looks up Cornwall in Tripadvisor will get this sponsored post come up.

The Entrance to a Land of Magic

The Plymouth gate Tollbooth has 40,000 vehicles that use it daily.

This card will be given to anyone not in a company vehicle. It will smell of Cornish woods and sea.



Traffic for Miles

The lorries used will operate up and down the A30.

Potholes on Lorry
Bend in the Road
Blind Summits

This campaign was made as a student at Falmouth University