Bringing Out The Best Stories

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Only 1 in 5 young people spend time with grandparents.

It's easier to chat over good beer.

Make BrewDog the ice breaker for interesting stories between both generations.

50% have no idea what their grandparents did before retiring

Do you?

Some Stories Need to be Old After a Few

Placed on bus shelters, billboards in high traffic areas, outside pubs &  bars and in magazines (JD Weatherspoon, Pub & Bar, DIY Dog). 

Unexpected Player

Your At The Pub

Placed on every table in bars & pubs from Lands End to Marshall Meadows Bay.

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A Game To Break Down Walls

You decided to go to the bar with your grandparent. But where do you start? how do you find this deep dark stuff out?

By challenging them and offer up yours.

Given out with any Brewdog bought by someone using the deal.

The questions aimed at getting them to chat about new topics.

This campaign was made as a student at Falmouth University