Stop Popping




More than 90 percent of the world population is affected by acne at some point in their life.


Popping spots spread the bacteria to the rest of the area, making more.

Make people aware that popping will make it worse and to resist.

Popping Spots Releases Dopamine

But that doesn't mean its good. In fact popping a spot will result in a bigger one the next day, as well as more around that area.

Bus Shelter ad.jpg

Just don't do it!

Print placed around bus stops and areas with high traffic. 

Other variations will be created.

Pick This Instead

We all need that feeling of dopamine so pop this instead next time you get that urge.

Direct Mail.jpg
Direct Mail.jpg

Would You Do It?

I wonder how long it would take someone to get the courage to try and pop that spot.

Ambiant 1.jpg
Ambiant 2.jpg
Ambiant 3.jpg

No Weapons,

No Puss

If you cant pick them your less likely too.


This campaign was made as a student at Falmouth University