Show You're Pet Ready




Kids want pets without any knowledge of how to look after them. 

If kids could show parents they were responsible enough beforehand they would be more likely to get a pet.

Show kids what they need to know through a pet trial app before they get the pet.

Kids Want Pets.

Before they can tie a shoe or blow their noise they will ask parents for them. Inevitably getting the same response "No, your not responsible enough". 

But what if kids can show parents that they are. They would be more likely to convince parents to get pets. 



Installed 1 week prior to getting a pet. Features: Exercise, Feeding, Playing, Training and Health.

Get Kids Interested in More

Than Play

Recommended to be installed 1 week prior to getting a pet


  • Exercise This will get you in the habit of going for a walk every day. A GPS tracker will also let you know how far you have gone and how much is recommended for that pet.


  • Feeding At the end of each week you can see the money you would have spent, so you can incorporate that into your accounts.


  • Playing - Games/ fetch/ ect. You can also play with other people’s pets who have the app.


  • Training  Giving you tips and tricks on how best to train.


  • Health - The basics.

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Show You're Pet Ready

Located: outside RSPCA buildings/ bus shelters/ around parks and in magazines (Happy Families/ National Geographic Kids/ ect).

Pixels Around Town

Nationwide where there are RSPCA buildings close there will be little pixel statues of what the app can help you do.

Rabbit Training.jpg
Cat Ambiant.jpg
Dog Bed Ambiant.jpg
(Show) Crad Front.png
Crad Back.png

"Show me I'm right"

This gift card will be available for free at any supermarket.


Loads of different animals are available so you can pick the

right one.

This campaign was made as a student at Falmouth University