Satellites Make Farming Simpler




Spaceport Cornwall launched their first shuttle in 2020 and they want to get it filled with Small Businesses.

Agriculture is the largest small business industry in Cornwall and one of the biggest in the country.

Show the farmers how satellites can help their business grow.

A new way to buy satellites 

Imagine you're a farmer, up each morning at 4 to start the day

You have 300 fields filled with animals, 300 fields you have to get up in the morning to go and check on. But satellites can help. 

How Do You Buy Satellites?!

You couldn't without an engineering degree until now.

A new shop will be linked to the home page of Spaceport Cornwall where you can now buy a satellite, just as easy as you would a

toothbrush on Amazon. 

A Satellite Can do More than Take Photos of Your House

When clicked on 'Browse Our Selection' you will get a page of satellites looking like this.

Around farms and agricultural sites across the UK, as well as newspapers and magazines that target farmers or local areas. 

UV Farming
Auto Farming
Counting Cows

Free Space Pic

Showing a farm, and sent to that farmer highlighting issues with it. 

You've Seen Outside, Now

See Inside

1. Offers a free shot of how your farm can be helped


2. How to solve the problem

with satellites.


3. Recommendation of a satellite. And information on it.


4. And finally details on how to find out more on the website.


After Asking a Bunch of Farmers Where They Go, I Found My Guess to be Right 

Turn the print into beer mats, as well as:

Virtual fencing: Satellites can track animals and stop them from going into other fields or roads.


Keeping an eye on the animal's health: Through heat monitoring

and cameras.

Malnurished Cow Beer Mat.png
Virtual Fensing Beer Mat.png

This Idea is More

Farming is not the only job that can be helped by satellites. This could also be for a scientist looking to prove the Earth is round, or a flat Earther looking to prove the Earth is flat as well as supervillains and Spys, mathematicians and game makers, the list is endless.


This new idea of simplification turns Spaceport Cornwall into the satellite company for everyone, through the use of this new shop page that will make it more reachable than ever before.

This campaign was made and presnted to Spaceport Cornwall

Where before they would have had to get into contact with Spaceport Cornwall, in order to make sure they can have it sent up, research buying it somewhere else, learn about building it, then buy it, and finally come back to them afterwards when you have it. Now it's just a push of a button and a bit of personalisation.

Satellites make Everything Simpler.