Stop Counting Sheep, Get Some Lunar, Get Some Sleep




The launch of a new brand and product.

A well known saying when you can't get to sleep is to try 'Counting Sheep.'

Tell people Lunar is a better way of getting to sleep than counting sheep.

Can Design Front.jpg

Pack Design

Do you have an issue getting to sleep at night?

"Just 5 More Minutes"

Placed on the underground and bus stops. Because I can't be the only one who wakes up and debates if work is worth it.

Waves few can cross
Don't mind me
A watched clock never ticks

The TV's Not Dead Yet!

Played after midnight. When your contemplating life and trying not to stress about that thing you did 5 years ago.

Tent Jumping
A Long Flight
A Night That Lasts

Late-night Spotify for those awake and going nuts.

Radios Still Going

Script 1.

Counting Can

Take Time

FVO (Muffled to show its inside head): “852,612        852,613       852,614        852,615” 

*(Continues counting for 10-15 Seconds) 


MVO (Speaker): “Stop Counting Sheep, Get Some Lunar,

Get Some Sleep”

Script 2.

Sheep 3. Sheep 4.

Sheep ..... 

MVO (muffled to show its inside head): “1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep,

4 sheep”

*Fade out


MVO (muffled to show its inside head): “857 Sheep, 858 Sheep,

859 Sheep”

*Fade out


MVO (Muffled to show its inside head): 1764 Sheep, 1765 Sheep,

1766 Sheep”

*Fade out


FVO (Speaker): “Stop Counting Sheep, Get Some Lunar,

Get Some Sleep”

Script 3. 

It's Just Automatic to Count 

*SFX: 1 Sheep “Barr”


*SFX: 2 Sheep “Barr”


*SFX: 3 Sheep “Barr”


*SFX: 4 Sheep “Barr”


*SFX: 5 Sheep “Barr”


VO (Speaker): “Stop Counting Sheep, Get Some Lunar, Get Some Sleep”

Each one moves into the position of the next.


The “Skip counting sheep” button takes you to the Lunar website where you can buy a can or find out more.  Shown after midnight and before videos relating to sleep, meditation & education.

Fast to Get, But Don't Want to Stop


Sticker Placed In Front of Lunar

Constant Ability to Buy

Placed in vending machines and hotel room bars.

Just Clocks.jpg

Worth a Second Glance

Only Those Unable to Sleep Will Ever Know

This ordinary looking clock will be in Hotels/ B&Bs and Premier inns.

But at midnight it will change to just sheep and then 10mins later the line.


This will then alternate between them till 5 the next morning.


No one gives escalator ads more than half a glance at best so at least with this one, you have many chances to get a second glance.



 This brand was designed & advertised by me